Bandha Works Yoga Shala prices
Bandha Works Yoga Shala prices

Ashtanga Mysore Program

Drop in4.500.- Ft BUY
Weekly pass20.000.- FtBUY
Monthly pass34.000.- FtBUY
Yearly Membership320.000.- Ft BUY

Vinyasa Krama Yoga

The vinyasa krama classes are held in Hungarian. The teacher can give individual instructions in English to foreign practitioners.

Drop in3.800.- FtBUY
10-session pass32.000.- Ft BUY


All courses are taught in Hungarian

Beginners astanga yoga course30.000.- Ft APPLICATION
Astanga Mysore course30.000.- Ft APPLICATION

Private classes

Asana practice15.000.- Ft / 60 minuteCOMING SOON
Yogic lifestyle counselling15.000.- Ft / 60 minuteCOMING SOON
Beginner astanga intro (private), 4-session80.000.- FtCOMING SOON

Passes, courses and drop in tickets are non-refundable. Passes may not be extended beyond their period of validity; the use of passes and courses cannot be paused. There is no right to change afterwards the validity date of purchased drop in ticket (single-occasion ticket).